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Changyao company Fire Kirin team conscientiously researches and develops the technical team to provide a full range of software Apps, good quanlity and after-sales service. Fully cover online and offline. When playing physical devices, you can see the download QR code of the online game APP periodically appeared on the screen, and your players can scan the code to download on phones. The same games make your players can play both at the stores and home. Offline games keep existing customers, develop new customers and increase market faster. Specific algorithm makes the players have fun. Maximizing business interests and affordable cooperation model make it easier to start a business in the early stage. With rapid growth of the market, profits are getting higher and higher and maximized. 

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Panda Master is existed both online app and game boards. The reason is

(1) If you have physical tables, players can play at your stores and home. You can get income 24 hours.
(2) Players tend to love games which are found from tables. They look forward to online version as well. We want to cover the table programs. When the players find the games on tables, they would look for the online version.
(3) We can offer “SuperMaster” and “Master” accounts, which are higher than “Distributor” accounts and manage the level. You own the higher autorities to manage and handle much more agents and players.
(4) Offering limited distributors quotas in every state, reducing the competitors in the market and protecting your benefits.

Why choose to become a panda master agent

(1) Manging all the agents and players you have in Panda Master and being able to control the system levels under you.
(2) You can check your own profits, your inferior agents data and players transaction records.
(3) Authority for activating and concealing your stores’ games

(4) Authority for activating and prohibiting your agents accounts, avoiding their fraud behaviors.

Who is suitable for becoming an agent?

(1) People who have the intention and financial ability to invest and start businesses, such as: gas stations, Internet cafes, tobacco and liquor shops, tattoo parlors, gamerooms, barber shops, convenience stores, laundry shops and other related industries have become our distributors
(2) Clients with network operation channels
(3) Clients who want to invest to grow wealth
(4) Distributors who already own online games

Game Interface

Panda VS Alien,New fish games, Ocean King 3,Ocean Monster,Fire Kirin 3, Crab King Plus


Panda Link, China Town and Mystery Jokers - All this Fire Link Games resemble physical slot machines with vertical gameplay methods.



(1) High return on investment and fast profit.

(2) Become a freelancer

(3) Big market needs

(1) Provide you with technology Support, introduce players and agents to you, customer service, etc.

(2) Constantly launch new games

(3) Provide advertisement data such as posters and videos

(4) Customize your own high-end APP brands.

(1) Sell points through the backend system to players directly.

(2) Engage your own agents and resell points to them in bulks.

(3) You can provide offline game boards that are consistent with online games simultaneously. Install them in the original machine.

Please recognize directly to the Changyao Technology team, the professional and original owner of Panda Master and Fire Kirin Apps, which has been in the credibility of Alibaba Store for 11 years. We are also “Verified Supplier” on Alibaba.

(1)All the games on Panda Master App are able to be made and integrated to physical game boards
(2)Panda Master game boards are compatible to all fish and slot machines in the market

(1)(Fire Kirin: Website Version, PC Version, Phone App and X-touch) VS
(Panda Master: PC Version, Phone App, Physical machines)
(2)(Fire Kirin contains all classic, conventional and popular games in the industry.) VS
(Panda Master lead the brand new market and become the new stars all over soon.)
(3) (Fire kirin covers 90% market in the US and everybody knows it.) VS
(Panda Master is a novel developed App, which is a potential App to be the TOP. If becoming the super masters of Panda Master, you would be the prime leaders of online games.)

Panda Master Distributors Needed

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